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Rapid DNA Results in 90 Minutes

Fully-Automated, Sample-to-CODIS RapidHIT® ID

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RapidHIT ID in the News

May 19, 2017

RapidHIT DNA has revolutionized the DNA Testing Process. Police forces can now process a suspect’s DNA and search it against the National DNA Database in under 90 minutes while they are in custody.

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The New EXT Cartridge for Evidence Samples

Learn how Richland County Sheriff’s Department generated profiles on RapidHIT ID from crime scene samples, including DNA extracted from a rape kit, and uploaded them to CODIS.

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RapidHIT: Profiles Uploaded to Both NDNAD and CODIS

DNA profiles generated by RapidHIT in accredited laboratories are eligible for upload to the largest and foremost forensic national DNA databases, including the United Kingdom’s National DNA Database (NDNAD) and the United States FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

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