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Data Scientist

Work with extended team to drive overall improvements in signal processing pipeline and translate improvements into customer benefits.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead optimization of the signal process pipeline from all aspects
    • Success rate
    • Instrument technologies and performance
    • Algorithm development and testing
    • Work closely with SoftGenetics on improvement of allele calling
  • Work directly with strategic customers to address critical data analysis issues
    • Ad-hoc as issues arise
    • With partners such as UNT, KFS, LGC, etc.
  • Investigate and decide on new external software
    • Lead discussion with external providers of forensic software: STrMIX, LGC, etc
    • Design appropriate tests for forensic applications and work with vendors to execute and evaluate tests
  • Data analysis tool development and testing
    • Define and direct tool development
    • Testing and release to internal and external customers
  • Design experiments for hardware and chemistry improvements
    • Implement or direct experiments
  • Documentation of designs and systems

Job Skills

  • Proficiency with programming language, excel
  • Must be a team player
  • Must communicate effectively with developers, marketing and customers
  • Fast learner


  • BS or MS in technical field with an emphasis on bio-informatics
  • One year relevant industry experience