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Allows laboratories to generate forensic DNA profiles from extracted and quantified DNA samples in 90 minutes

Several crime scene samples tested with the new system uploaded into CODIS, including DNA extracted from a rape kit

Pleasanton, California – February 14, 2017 – IntegenX Inc., the global market leader for Rapid DNA human identification, announced the introduction of the RapidHIT EXT cartridge for extracted and quantified samples, providing a Rapid DNA workflow with unprecedented speed and ease of use, for analyzing evidence samples in the forensics lab. By utilizing purified DNA that has been extracted and quantified with standard lab protocols, the EXT cartridge is ideal for processing crime stain cases with a rapid turnaround time. The new EXT cartridge has the ability to generate DNA profiles from samples containing as little as 50 picograms of DNA, making it one of the most sensitive forensic DNA systems available.

The RapidHIT ID System, when used with the new EXT cartridge, is the first Rapid DNA technology that can upload evidence samples to national DNA databases, such as the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). The RapidHIT system uses leading industry-standard chemistries and software. The fully automated design also incorporates numerous efficiencies that make DNA profile generation seamless and hands free.

“We are very impressed by the ease of use, as well as many other features of the new system,” said Grayson Amick, Ph.D., Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) Forensics Lab. “Recently, we completed the internal validation of the RapidHIT ID System and implemented a modified procedure utilizing the EXT cartridge, enabling RCSD to upload buccal swab samples into CODIS as well as extracted, eligible DNA samples from crime scenes. It’s a great extension to the RapidHIT ID System to be able to process sample extract in addition to buccal swabs.”

“IntegenX was the first company to create a simple and cost-effective tool to generate a forensic DNA profile at the point of action for arrestee testing, which could ultimately play a role in helping reduce our nation’s backlog of DNA samples,” stated victims’ rights advocate Mai Fernandez of National Center for Victims of Crime, “We now have another tool for the forensic labs to assist in streamlining their workflow to help with complex DNA tests such as rape kits.”

“We are honored to have enabled forensic labs with yet another game changing tool,” stated Robert A. Schueren, President and Chief Executive Officer of IntegenX. “To develop a solution that has such potential to help further reduce backlog across all ranges of forensic DNA samples, as well as enabling crime scene samples to be rapidly uploaded to CODIS, is another significant evolution of the technology.”

The RapidHIT ID System’s pivotal Development Validation study was recently published in the prestigious Forensic Science International: Genetics http://www.fsigenetics.com/article/S1872-4973(17)30005-4/pdf

IntegenX Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California, is the market leader of Rapid Human DNA identification technology. IntegenX technology platforms integrate advanced fluidics, optics, and biochemistry capabilities to produce sample-to-answer products for DNA-based human identity testing for forensics and law enforcement applications. For more information, please visit www.integenx.com.
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