Webinar: Rapid DNA Deployment Concepts for Government and Law Enforcement

Join Chris Asplen and Louis Grever

Monday, December 3, 2012

10:00 AM Pacific • 11:00 AM Mountain • 12:00 PM Central • 1:00 PM Eastern • 5:00 PM GMT


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Chris Asplen is a former US Assistant District Attorney for the District of Columbia and the Executive Director for the Global Alliance for Rapid DNA. Mr. Asplen is a DNA policy expert with extensive U.S. federal, state, and international experience. He will speak on issues related to the deployment of Rapid DNA in law enforcement.



Louis Grever is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Global Alliance for Rapid DNA and a former Executive Assistant Director for the FBI Science and Technology Branch. Mr. Grever will discuss the expanded utilization of DNA-based human identification made possible by Rapid DNA and provide insights on likely benefits of the new technology with respect to various areas of government.


About This Webinar

DNA testing has become a well established and trusted biometric technology. Nonetheless, its application is hindered because testing must be done in a well-equipped laboratory by a scientifically trained professional, and the process is typically lengthy.

With the arrival of Rapid DNA, these limitations are largely removed. Rapid DNA is fast — capable of completing a DNA profile in 90 minutes or less. Rapid DNA is fully automated and can be operated easily by non-scientific staff. And Rapid DNA is mobile, providing DNA results when and where they are needed.

Now that this important new technology is available, what are the issues related to its deployment? How best to set it up and use it? In what contexts is it likely to be most useful? What about government restrictions?

Register for this important webinar and learn about how Rapid DNA can be deployed effectively in your organization. Presenters Chris Asplen and Louis Grever are seasoned experts in the field of forensic DNA analysis and will provide unique and valuable perspectives on the technology and its uses.

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